Book Launch from the Middle Zone!

celebrateYeehaw! Hey, ya’ll, come celebrate with me, won’t you?
Why are we celebrating, you ask?
OK, since you ask, I’ll tell ya! July 15, 2009 is a banner day for little ol’ me because it’s the official launch of my very first book from Middle Zone Publishing (sound of crowd cheering enthusiastically)!
Yep; writing a book wasn’t even a glimmer in my eye way back when I first started blogging – and by an amazing series of events, it’s actually come to pass! In fact, being a writer is something I’ve wanted to do ever since I discovered my grandmother’s attic nearly 50 years ago.
I want to take a moment and thank my dear friend Liz Strauss for kick-startin’ the whole process some years ago when she accused me of bein’ a “writer”, of all things! I mean, who knew? Plus, I want to also thank all of YOU – Terry Starbucker and the whole SOBCon gang of desperados – you all had a hand in helping shape me into the writer I am today.
hat-tip-thumbAnyhoo – now that I’ve made the further move from writer to “author”, well, all I can say is:
Thanks, y’all, from the bottom of my Texas heart, and a big ol’ tip o’ the hat to ya! (Oh, and p.s.- Please buy the book! Just sayin’;-)
Robert Hruzek writes at Middle Zone Musings
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