What Is The SOBCon Formula (And Why Does It Work)?

Here’s more video from @starbucker on SOBCon’s “secret formula”, as we approach our Chicago event on May 3-5.  Have you signed up yet?

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Why You Should Come To SOBCon To Turn Ideas Into Action

Who should come to SOBCon?  Co-Founder Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie explains.

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SOBCon Chicago 2013: Who’s Your Ideal Customer?

Post by Britt Raybould  (thanks Britt!)

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to give you a taste of what’s to come in Chicago. First up, the multi-talented entrepreneur and author Ric Dragon.

Last fall, we had the pleasure of learning firsthand from Ric at SOBCon NW in Portland. The response was so positive that we were thrilled when Ric agreed to share his insights and expertise with the Chicago crowd.

Below you’ll find a video of Ric doing his thing in Portland. If you can’t see the video, click through here to watch.

Pretty cool, right? It’s hard not to get excited when you hear Ric speak.

Now, we know it’s hard to think about what’s happening next week, let alone make plans for May. (That’s two months away!)

But here’s the deal, if you haven’t secured your seat at SOBCon Chicago for this May, you’re taking a big risk. You not only want to be in the room, you need to be in the room.

Besides being a room filled with some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet, you’ll also have the pleasure of hearing from some of the best speakers out there, including:

Chris Brogan
Carol Roth
Sonia Simone
Barbara Jones
Alli Worthington
Sean Ogle
Dianna Mullins
Drew Marshall
Jeannie Walters

If you still need convincing (seriously?), we’ll do our best to convince you of why SOBCon is the best event you can attend for yourself and your business in 2013.  See you next week.

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A Community That Won’t Let You Fail: A Recent Attendee Makes The Case For SOBCon

Author Rebecca Saltman (center) at SOBCon Chicago 2012 (photo by Steve Hall)

We were honored to be featured in the latest issue of ICOSA magazine, in an article written by SOBCon alum Rebecca Saltman.

Rebecca attended both SOBCon Chicago and SOBCon NW in Portland in 2012 ,and details those experiences in the piece, noting

“As a connector who has always been able to connect with new people, I clearly found that SOBCon made my strength (confidence in meeting and supporting collaborative goals) available to all attendees and even heightened my own experience of connecting to others. When your goal is elevated access to success, this type of authentic connection secures the path—and with “real-ebrities” in the room, the possibilities are endless!”

She also offered her thoughts on the real value of being in the room at a SOBCon event, adding

The remarkable founders of SOBCon, Liz Strauss and Terry St. Marie (a.k.a., “Starbucker”), have developed a locus of ideals and talent that has not only provided tremendous value as a stand-alone conference, but has created new communities, networks and businesses. The innovations are boosted by a deep feeling of community; by planting a seed when you choose to join the conference, you will not be allowed to fail. SOBCon’s founders and avid attendees have come to live and breathe collaborative entrepreneurism by looking at information and ideas as anchoring one end of a continuum where the opposite end is intelligence and innovation”

The rest of the article can be found HERE.

Thanks Rebecca for a great summary, and see you in Chicago!

(And readers, don’t forget to register for SOBCon Chicago 2013 – our $200-off offer expires on 1/31/13)

Measuring what Matters – #SOBCon chat for 1/17/2013 w/ @philgerb @starbucker and more!

This is the year we get beyond likes, followers and hits and start measuring what really matters. But how do we get more of what really matters and stop focusing on the numbers?

Phil Gerbyshak, Chief Connections Officer, Milwaukee Social MediaJoin Phil Gerbyshak, Chief Connections Officer of Milwaukee Social Media (and our first ever SOBCon speaker) for his thoughts on this for the January SOBCon chat. We will also have an update about SOBCon Chicago from Terry @Starbucker St. Marie, and visits from Heidi Thorne, Amber Cleveland and a whole lot more fun and excitement.

We look forward to seeing YOU on on SOBCon Twitter chat on January 17th, 2013 at 1 PM EST/ 12 Noon CST / 11 AM MST / 10 AM PST.

SOBCon Asks The Big Question: What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?

Photo by Angela Wheeler

One of the essential questions a new business must answer is “What Problem Are You Trying To Solve“?

It’s the critical driver of the core value proposition for any successful product or service.

SOBCon NW 2012 tackled this big question this past September in Portland,  with our showcase business panel featuring Lara Feltin, CEO of Biznik , Howard Mann of Brickyard Partners, and Todd Silverstein, CEO of Vizify, and moderated by Scott Sandler, Fund Manager of the Oregon Angel Fund.

We’re pleased to present the video from the panel discussion – watch and listen as these excellent business minds present their insights to our SOBCon audience, and now to you!


A Roomful of Entrepreneurs Who Won’t Let You Fail: Liz and Terry Define SOBCon in Portland

Charlie Gilkey at SOBCon NW 2012 (Photo by Angela Wheeler)

What is SOBCon?

Why should anyone attend?

What is its essence – the core of the experience?

We can think of no better way to explain it than by presenting the co-founders own words.

Liz & Terry launched SOBCon NW in Portland on September 28th by talking about how SOBCon “works”, and it’s ultimate benefit to all who attend.

It’s simple, but yet inspiring – the power of community.

Watch these two videos, and see for yourself.

First, Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie addresses the “why” question, with a newfound entreprenurial perspective:

Then, Liz Strauss tells us the ultimate benefit of SOBCon that is unique to the room.

Come see for yourself this May 3-5 in Chicago, when we reconvene for SOBCon Chicago 2013.

We won’t let you fail.

We Will Not Let You Fail: Reactions To SOBCon NW 2012

Photo by Angela Wheeler

{updated 10/8/12} SOBCon NW 2012 in Portland is history, and we’d like to extend our grateful thanks to our sponsors, event partners, presenters, hosts, vendors, and attendees for making it an awesome experience.

It’s always humbling and inspiring to read the stories of those who have been kind enough to write about their experience at SOBCons, and this event has been no exception.

We are pleased to share just a small sampling of these stories, and will continue to share them as they are posted.

SOBCon is a unique social conference experience

By Jeff Bunch

Quote: “There are events that can instantaneously change career and life paths in unforeseen ways. SOBCon is one of those”

How to Find The People Who Won’t Let You Fail

By Dusti Arab

Quote: “SOBCon is a unique conference in that it is small, intimate, and whether you like it or not, you get to know many of the people in the room – because after every presenter, you mastermind with your tablemates. And it works.”

What Impossible Idea Would You Attempt If Surrounded by People Who Won’t Let You Fail?

By Glenda Watson Hyatt

Quote: “Founder Liz Strauss kicked off the conference by pointing out we were surrounded by people who won’t let us fail. I definitely felt that. No matter who I shared my crazy idea with, they were all supportive of my intention to become a motivational speaker.”

A Few First Day Observations From #SOBCon NW 2012

By: Roger Courville

Quote: “Ideas are cheap, execution is what matters” – Lara Feltin, Biznik

Most Memorable Things Said At SOBCON NW 2012

By: Jane Boyd, on List.ly

Quote: “It’s tough to read the label when you’re inside the bottle” – Howard Mann, Brickyard Partners

Community “in the wild” – SOBCon NW edition

By: Rosemary O’Neill

Quote:  “It’s not a blogger conference, it’s not a small business conference, it’s not a revival meeting, it’s not a personal development gathering, but it’s a powerful mixture of all those things and more.  It’s a true community.”

Registration Is Now Open for SOBCon Chicago 2013

Now that SOBCon NW 2012 in Portland is history (and what an event it was – more on that soon!), we’re pleased to launch registration for SOBCon Chicago 2013, to be held once again at the fabulous Summit Executive Center on Michigan Avenue from May 3-5.

Sign up before October 31, 2012 and save $300 off the regular ticket price.

Liz & I are very excited about the theme for this event, but I can’t tell you just yet – so save your seat now, and then bookmark our site, sign up for our Newsletter (use the box at the top of our home page), follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and stay right up to date on all the latest news about the event.

See you in Chicago in May!!

SOBCon Chicago 2013 Registration Page

Watch the Live Feed of SOBCon NW 2012

This weekend (Sept. 28 & 29) we’ll be live streaming SOBCon NW 2012 from downtown Portland. Join us “virtually” below, and remember, our hashtag on Twitter is “#sobcon”.

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