What is SOBCon?

SOBCon is 2.5 days: a hands-on, how-to business-building event. Every minute is crafted to make forming relationships and moving businesses forward easier, faster, and more meaningful. Think: smart ideas that link to form actionable business plans AND smart people immediately applying those ideas to their businesses.

Leverage is the latest evolution of SOBCon that brings together the leverage you need to rapidly grow the strongest team, the strongest business, and the strongest brand. It does this through:

  • A high-influence, highly connected support network that is ready to help
  • An action plan, built and tested during the event, custom-fit to your goals

SOBCon Leverage is organized into six content blocks—all focused on how to build relationships with ideal customers. Each block is presented by a dynamic speaker with deep subject expertise. Then the attention shifts to the audience, where people immediately apply those ideas to their businesses as they work together in mastermind teams.

What Makes SOBCon Unique?

SOBCon goes beyond the traditional conference model in the following ways:

  • One room of 144 participants. Attendance is limited to 144 people so that we get quality time with the quality people who attend. From the minute you walk in, you immediately feel part of the community. Conversations happen in the room rather than in the hallway. Everyone gets a chance to participate and to work with the mix of influencers in the room. By the end of the event, it is apparent that the room is not comprised of 150 individuals, but a community of 144. If one evangelist can move a crowd, imagine what a swarm can do.
  • Linked content. Instead of a fast-paced event dashing from speaker to speaker with disconnected topics, SOBCon takes a more mindful approach. The content is designed into six blocks that build to form an actionable business plan. Once we’ve crafted that content map, we enlist the best minds and subject matter experts to deliver each session. Because content is created specifically for the event, the content is unique, linked, and red-hot relevant.
  • Masterminds. After key content, a challenge is delivered to the room. Small groups of 4-5 people—mastermind teams—consult with one another, solve their current problems, and apply the strategic insights they gained to their own businesses. The result is actionable ideas that are custom-fit to each person’s business. This is not exchanging business cards; this is being able to say “we worked together.” And those relationships last years after the event.
  • Embedded sponsorships. Sponsor interactions bring valuable content that integrates into the event, rather than interrupting the event like commercial breaks.
  • Give-Back Challenge. On the third day, attendees use what they have learned the first two days to help selected non-profit organizations meet real challenges they are facing. Attendees leave knowing they have made a difference in the non-profit community as well.

What Others Say

SOBCon started in Chicago in 2007 and is now several years strong. Here are just a few testimonials from previous attendees:

It’s the conference where people with an appetite for action go to be kicked into action, get unstuck, and inspired. It’s not for those looking for passive entertainment. It’s the conference for people who want to make lifelong connections with a group of peers doing REALLY COOL STUFF.”

Inspiration incubator. Place where ideas are nurtured and implementation is encouraged.”

Amazing, informative about business and marketing—like no other conference you have ever experienced but should…”

It’s business therapy for your online business. You can talk about what’s working and what’s not and get feedback from experts who willingly share their experiences and offer their insights into your problem, all in a very intimate setting.”

An amazing collision of outstanding minds.”

Come away with a high-influence network and a custom-fit action plan, the exact leverage you need to grow your business.

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