A Roomful of Entrepreneurs Who Won’t Let You Fail: Liz and Terry Define SOBCon in Portland

Charlie Gilkey at SOBCon NW 2012 (Photo by Angela Wheeler)

What is SOBCon?

Why should anyone attend?

What is its essence – the core of the experience?

We can think of no better way to explain it than by presenting the co-founders own words.

Liz & Terry launched SOBCon NW in Portland on September 28th by talking about how SOBCon “works”, and it’s ultimate benefit to all who attend.

It’s simple, but yet inspiring – the power of community.

Watch these two videos, and see for yourself.

First, Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie addresses the “why” question, with a newfound entreprenurial perspective:

Then, Liz Strauss tells us the ultimate benefit of SOBCon that is unique to the room.

Come see for yourself this May 3-5 in Chicago, when we reconvene for SOBCon Chicago 2013.

We won’t let you fail.