A Ready Made Proposal To Convince Your Boss To Send You To SOBCon07

We’ve had some requests for help here at SOBEvent.com.

Apparently there are some employers that are balking at the idea of sending their employees to SOBCon ’07. Or at least there are some employees who suspect their employers might balk a the idea.

Well we’re here to help. We’ve put together a little memorandum that’s guaranteed to convince your boss to send you to SOBCon ’07.

Oh. Wait. Well, it stands a chance…

Our legal department is balking about the guarantee thing.

How about we say you could just give it a whirl and see how it goes? You can’t get what you don’t ask for, right?

Just copy the below into your own document, change the particulars for your unique situation, print it out and pass it to your boss.

We sincerely hope you aren’t escorted back to your desk to howls of laughter…


TO: [Boss/Manager/Honcho/Leader-Type-Person]

From: [Stellar-Employee-Go-Getter]

Subject: Proposal For Investment In Corporate Relationship Networking

Our business is about people. We all know that the money we bring in here results directly from the positive interactions our business has with real people everyday. Whether is is customer service calls, people manning booths at the trade shows we attend, or simply our sales reps answering questions these interpersonal skills are critical to the success of our business.

It is in the best interest of our business for our employees to be continuously honing their skills in the area of relating to people. In addition our business can see direct, tangible benefits from learning new methods for interacting with our customers (and potential customers) which are already in use by a significant portion of our market and, at the same time, capitalize on emerging freely available technologies.

There is a conference coming to Chicago this May 11-12 where we will have an opportunity to learn about one of these emerging technologies from a room full of experts. This conference is called SOBCon ’07 (http://www.sobevent.com/) and registration costs only $350 (although on 1 April the cost goes up to $450.)

At SOBCon ’07 attendees will learn how the new technology of blogging can be an extension of our customer service team. The knowhow gained from the experience of interacting with the room full of nearly 300 attendees present will bring back a new perspective on how people are currently using the Internet to share information and build relationships with each other.

It is reasonably estimated that the anticipated 300 bloggers in attendance represent blogs that are seen by more than 1.3 million visitors with a combined total of over 8.2 million page views each month.

Rubbing elbows with a group that is this influential in the internet world, and the potential for making connections with even just a few of these internet publishing experts could realistically open doors for our business which we haven’t even begun to consider exploring at this point.

A quick look around the internet at other conferences and their pricing reveals that SOBCon ’07 is very reasonably priced for the value offered by the event.

In short I am respectfully requesting that our business invest in an opportunity to learn about the remarkable benefits to be gained from attending SOBCon ’07 by sending me to go, learn all I can, and bring back that knowledge here and apply it to help our organization build stronger relationships.

I’d be happy to prepare a presentation for our entire team so we could all benefit from this one small investment, and so that our team can be seen as taking on the challenge of new media in an organized and cost-effective fashion.

Attached are a copy of the conference landing page with the outcomes the conference will achieve.

Well there you have it. Your ready made proposal to convince your boss to send you to SOBCon ’07.

If you actually use this memo and it convinces your boss to spring for sending you to the conference, please let us know about it. (If you get the laughing escort back to your desk, you might want to just keep that to yourself. I’m just saying.)

See you at SOBCon ’07!