A Community That Won’t Let You Fail: A Recent Attendee Makes The Case For SOBCon

Author Rebecca Saltman (center) at SOBCon Chicago 2012 (photo by Steve Hall)

We were honored to be featured in the latest issue of ICOSA magazine, in an article written by SOBCon alum Rebecca Saltman.

Rebecca attended both SOBCon Chicago and SOBCon NW in Portland in 2012 ,and details those experiences in the piece, noting

“As a connector who has always been able to connect with new people, I clearly found that SOBCon made my strength (confidence in meeting and supporting collaborative goals) available to all attendees and even heightened my own experience of connecting to others. When your goal is elevated access to success, this type of authentic connection secures the path—and with “real-ebrities” in the room, the possibilities are endless!”

She also offered her thoughts on the real value of being in the room at a SOBCon event, adding

The remarkable founders of SOBCon, Liz Strauss and Terry St. Marie (a.k.a., “Starbucker”), have developed a locus of ideals and talent that has not only provided tremendous value as a stand-alone conference, but has created new communities, networks and businesses. The innovations are boosted by a deep feeling of community; by planting a seed when you choose to join the conference, you will not be allowed to fail. SOBCon’s founders and avid attendees have come to live and breathe collaborative entrepreneurism by looking at information and ideas as anchoring one end of a continuum where the opposite end is intelligence and innovation”

The rest of the article can be found HERE.

Thanks Rebecca for a great summary, and see you in Chicago!

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